When Synthesis opened its doors in 1994, outsourcing was a new concept but even then, folks were finding benefit from project-based, fee-based services.

Today, outsourcing has become a smart alternative for most businesses – large and small. Almost everyone has hired a consultant at one time or another; this is the upper level of outsourcing. Consultants focus on the big picture, giving your business a global perspective. Synthesis actually handles the work that results from this strategy!

We work hourly or by the project. Every price and scope of service is quoted in writing, including a timeline for delivery. With a team of more than 20 strategic professionals, you can be assured you’ll have a specialist working on your project! Here are some of the services we provide:


Accounting Services

Our accounting services range from assisting with the day-to-day accounting functions to upper-end financial analysis. We are proficient with QuickBooks and Peachtree and provide training and assistance with both programs in addition to our accounting services.


Hourly accounting rates: $68.00



Synthesis Executive Assistants – Click here for more details!

Why do you need a Synthesis Executive Assistant (SEA)? When you hire an administrative person or a temp to assist with secretarial tasks, there’s a sense of “I need to offload some of this stuff, but I am not even sure the best way to handle the work I am offloading.” There’s also a feeling of urgency, “I’m spending the money, I need to keep her busy!” Working pro-actively on your behalf, SEA’s will make suggestions to enhance your administrative and marketing efforts, ensuring that every hour committed is an hour spent promoting the growth and organization of your company.


We offer a free one-hour consultation on any project, an agreed upon quote and timeline.

Synthesis, Inc. goes for the ‘wow’ factor,
providing delivery that is on time and within budget.
We are known for going beyond the expected.

Call or email us to find out how we can tailor our skills to your needs. No obligation to buy – just good information to help you succeed!