Pro-active professionals working consistently on your behalf with one objective in mind:
business growth through administrative, marketing & database management.
It’s your business – Synthesized.

Why do you need a Synthesis Executive Assistant (SEA)?
When you hire an administrative person or a temp to assist with secretarial tasks, there’s a sense of “I need to offload some of this stuff, but I am not even sure the best way to handle the work I am offloading.” There’s also a feeling of urgency, “I’m spending the money, I need to keep her busy!”

Barbara Rogoff, president of Synthesis, Inc. spent twenty years in corporate acting as right-hand to three CEO’s before launching her business in 1994. Synthesis is known for providing ‘left-brain’ support for right-brain, creative thinkers. Julie Fronenberger, manager of Synthesis, Inc, has worked side-by-side with entrepreneurs for more than thirty years, juggling thousands of details with ease. Together they are pooling their talents, plus tapping the talents of several Synthesis subcontractors, for your benefit.


What can an SEA do for you? 

  • Project Management
  • Calendar Maintenance
  • Social Networking Updates
  • Expense Report Processing
  • Microsoft Office Assistance
  • Event Planning | Travel Arrangements
  • Current Client Update and Management
  • Electronic File & Document Management
  • We Provide Progress Reports Every Week!

Planning a workshop or special event? Can’t find what you need when you need it? Considering a targeted marketing campaign? As the month progresses, working pro-actively on your behalf, SEA’s will make suggestions to enhance your administrative and marketing efforts, ensuring that every hour committed is an hour spent promoting the growth and organization of your company.


The Price: $40/Hour!
Reserve a minimum block of 5 hours per month with a commitment of 90 days and for as little as $200.00 per month you will have access to the pooled talents of Synthesis Executive Assistants. Additional blocks of time are available in 5 hour increments.

Total hours available for Synthesis Executive Assistants equal 300 hours per month; this service is on a first-come, first-serve basis.