QuickBooks Set-Up, Training and Upkeep

Affordable bookkeeping systems will put you in touch with the nuts and bolts of your business. Know where your money is with accurate, concise, readable reports that reflect your specific business categories and requirements.

Our specialty is clients who keep everything in one place – usually a big box! If you are an entrepreneur, you have a special skill – and it’s typically not numbers. Allow us to organize a simple yet effective financial system.

Do numbers scare you? They should. One of the top reasons businesses fail is lack of financial organization. Although we are not CPA’s – we can recommend several – we are business owners who know how to explain financial statements to creative people. No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all financial system will be offered. Your business is unique and your financial program will reflect that.


In addition to our basic accounting services, Synthesis, Inc. has tools and guidelines that allow us to analyze current pricing performance and to make recommendations for future pricing strategies that include the inevitable discounting. These guidelines have helped us to manage our growth, regardless of market considerations. Whether you are a contractor who bids on jobs, a retail store owner selling directly to the public, or a consultant concerned about your pricing structure, we can help determine each level of profitability in each revenue bucket. Pricing is dicey as we all know and it needs to include much more than direct costs. It can be a real science to determine the feasibility of discounting and correctly analyze mark-ups.

A financial snapshot for your business utilizes a variety of Synthesis tools to provide you with information to help determine your future pricing. Our results may include tables that take the guesswork out of discounting and mark up. Our results are in Plain English and are always ones that any estimator can use, without the owner’s direct input.

Corporations and small business people alike have benefited from our financial organization.

Not in the Kansas City metro area? Not to worry! We have many customers who take advantage of our business savvy and low accounting prices remotely! We offer many options for our out-of-town clients – remote access, fax, mail, you name it!

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